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- Den Dominikanske Republiks turist organisation -

Avenida Mexico Esquina 30 de Marzo

The Dominican Republic is known for its 1,000 miles of unspoiled natural beaches. However, there is no substitute for experiencing the magic of the island from underwater; the is a whole world to explore that you simply can't see from the shore. Coral reefs, caves, shipwrecks and multicolored fish and fauna are all waiting to be explored.

It's no wonder that the Dominican Republic is known as one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean region. With crystal clear waters and vibrantly colored marine life, you will never run out of things to discover. Diving the North Coast along the Atlantic currents is particularly interesting, as you can see many unique bays and reefs. Another unique area is the Samaná Peninsula. Here, you can dive near high cliffs and coastal preserves. Divers also enjoy heading down the East Coast near the Mona Passage for an astounding underwater experience that leads yoy to the southwest coast along the Caribbean sea.