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Odyssea Divers


Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tlf. +62 431 860999 (extension 504) | +62 431 861 333 | info.desk@odysseadivers.com | www.odysseadivers.com |

Our journey together may start at the majestic walls of Bunaken Island,
which lay nestled within the Bunaken Marine Park. An encounter with a
school of hammerhead sharks passing by Montahage Island will send an
exhilarating surge of excitement throughout your entire body. The
Bangka, Gangga, and Talisei Islands offer a variety of experiences from
the thrilling pinnacles and wall diving to the serene shallows of the
channels and lagoons. Your journey with Odyssea Divers may also take
you to the Lembeh Strait, which offers some of the best muck diving in
the world. You are very likely to encounter the mimic octopus and pygmy
seahorse in these waters. Odyssea house reef dive sites offer divers
experiences you will find no where else in these waters