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  • Today’s divers are a part of the digital generation. They are active users of the web. They participate in news groups, social media and blogs, and they seek information on equipment, trips, travels and dive courses online. Granted, a printed magazine has its advantages, but nowadays digital media is a much stronger platform for utilizing the commercial aspects of divers and their digital behaviour.
  • We used to spend 95% of our time on our printed media and 5% on our online platforms – now our focus is online. Do the math…
  • We facilitate access to the the worlds largest resource of diving articles written in both Danish and Swedish. More than ten years worth of articles from DYK spells more than 100 magazines online with more than 5000 articles and news stories. Add to that our popular newsletters and the brand new web magazine and you have a winning combination.
    DYK is using the DFP ad platform. This ensures that you get full transparency and a possibility to follow your statistics.
  • Besides our subscribers in both Denmark and Sweden, we deliver the DYK magazine and all online articles to more than 5,000 members of SSDF.

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DYK Sweden
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DYK / DiveSpace
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